Kirby's Adventure: Vegetable Valley 1 (xoc)

BRSTM Created by thaCASHdude

Game: Kirby's Adventure
Song Name: Vegetable Valley 1 (xoc)
Song Type:
BRSTM Uploader: thaCASHdude
Suggested Stage:
Suggested Stage 2:
Suggested Stage 3:
Suggested Menu/Extra:
Suggested Victory Theme for:
Length: 1:04
BRSTM Size: 3.08 MB
BRSTM Size (Hex): 314260
Downloads: 35
Date Added: October 01, 2011
Date Last Updated: March 05, 2013
Loop Type: Song Does Not Loop Normally But Has A Custom Loop
Start Loop Point: 0
End Loop Point: 2,823,000
Sampling Rate: 44100
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